Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Follow the leader

Ten years in Japan will have an affect on anyone.  Koi captured my attention the first time we were there and I have been fascinated ever since.  I took our son Michael to the department store every day and he shares my love of this uniquely strong Japanese fish.  Michael and I always swim against the current and it has made us both stronger.  It should be no surprise that Koi represent strength for the Japanese people.  This original artwork will be at the Potomac Bonsai Festival from 3-5 May at the National Arboretum in Washington DC.  I hope to see you there. 

The original signed version of this Chinese Brush Art painting in a beautiful frame is available.  Leave me a comment with your e-mail address if you are interested in purchasing it. 4" x 6" reproduction cards and envelopes are also available for $12.50 (package of 5) mailed anywhere in the U.S.